5 Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Being able to develop and market your product accurately is essential to growing a business. Without the use of industry-leading tools, you run the risk of creating a great product that does not sell because it has not been marketed correctly. Throughout every stage in the marketing process, having industry-leading tools to assist you will increase your productivity and work quality.

Here are our top 5 digital marketing tools to grow your business. We have tested all platforms listed below and can guarantee they will help improve your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tool 1: Miro

Everything starts with collaboration & brainstorming.

When beginning a project, you must discuss your digital marketing ideas and plan with your marketing team. For this reason, having a go-to brainstorming tool is essential. Miro is the leading digital whiteboard tool that allows you to work in real-time with others. They have hundreds of templates that you can use to run meetings, sprints, brainstorm sessions and more. Easily use their shapes, sticky notes, and tables to organize your notes and plan for future work. My favourite projects to create on Miro are daily standup boards and customer flows.

Miro’s templates take it one step further than other whiteboard templates. Rather than just giving you an empty template to figure out, they guide you on using it. Before downloading a template, they describe the template’s purpose to you. Once you select one and open it, they always create a section with a description, estimated time to complete, number of people, and the amount of experience needed to complete. From there, the descriptions will guide you through the process and help you achieve a great project.

Digital Marketing Tool 2: Ahrefs

Utilize SEO to reach a wider audience.

Deciding as a team to focus on SEO is the first step in the success of a marketing campaign. Using a tool like Ahrefs can help you master and stay on top of your SEO metrics. In short, Ahrefs is a platform designed to help boost your understanding of your SEO metrics, analyze your data and track your progress. Their core features include optimizing your website, analyzing competitors, customer search habits, top-performing content in the industry, and tracking your ranking progress.

With Afrefs, they leave little room for guesswork. Ahref constantly monitors your website for SEO issues and sends you email updates with a ‘health score.’ In these emails, you can quickly view what needs fixing. When you visit their website, you can get an in-depth analysis of their recommendations and suggestions to improve. In addition, issue prioritization will help you tackle problems from major to minor. Plus, you can get reports based on categories such as performance, HTML tags, content quality and links. In summary, Ahrefs is your top choice for improving your SEO scores.

Digital Marketing Tool 3: Hootsuite

Take advantage of the power of social media.

Executing strong social media posts and approaches is crucial to increasing awareness about a marketing campaign. For this reason, using Hootsuite is essential. In short, Hootsuite is a social media post planner & uploader. You can create your social media posts on their site and automatically publish the content. Hootsuite can publish content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Use their calendar feature to organize your posts and find opportunities for improvement.

Not only is Hootsuite great for saving your time, but it can also provide you with detailed analytics. Hootsuite can recommend the best time and day to post your content on every platform for your social media posts. It references your past posts and interprets the posts’ levels of engagement. From there, it can recommend new dates and times to post to gain even more attention. Plus, you can view and customize Hootsuite reports to get even more insights into your posts.

Digital Marketing Tool 4: Figma

Turn your design ideas into reality.

Good design is essential to the success of a social media post or website. Without good design, you risk losing the interest of existing or potential customers. Figma is the collaborative interface design tool every marketing and design team needs on their side. You can easily work with team members to design and create interfaces. Most commonly used to create wireframes of websites and apps, Figma can be used for much more. Draft and finalize large design projects, reports and social media designs.

The key to Figma’s success is their collaborative abilities. You can add up to 500 collaborators on a single project and have 100 editors. Leave comments anywhere on a board so you can really pinpoint a problem. Plus, their interface is very similar to Adobe products which will help with the learning curve. Overall, Figma is a top choice for designing interfaces from wireframes to mock-ups to final drafts.

Digital Marketing Tool 5: Funnel.io

Track all marketing activities through a unified dashboard.

Since you’ve made an effort to improve your digital marketing, keeping track of every insight, data point, and recommendation is essential. The best way to manage and track all of your marketing data is with Funnel.io. You can collect, prepare and analyze your marketing leads and turn them into paying customers. Funnel.io integrates with hundreds of platforms to create data points. These platforms range from LinkedIn to Shopify to Stripe to Apple. From there, Funnel.io interprets the data and can accurately recommend marketing strategies based on the data set.

In addition to their industry-leading data collection software, you can generate complex and detailed reports. These reports can help recommend the next steps to convert leads, target more customers, and improve your lead generation. Plus, you can send your data anywhere you need. This feature means you can choose the tools you already use in-house and update their data to achieve better reports and increase understanding.


Any marketing activity’s key to success is the utilization of tools. Without the help of industry-leading tools, businesses risk missing out on important insights and recommendations. Try any one of these platforms, and your marketing quality is sure to grow. Here at FlashBox, we’ve tried these platforms and can confirm that they are some of the best on the market. Through our experience, we grew our digital marketing to increase brand awareness, conversions and sales.

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