Benefits and Evolving Advantages of Proof-of-Delivery

3 min readJun 14, 2022


Projections show that global annual package deliveries will reach between 220 and 262 billion by 2026. With the number of international deliveries always going up, courier services are constantly growing and improving. Proof-of-delivery allows courier services to provide even better customer service and is becoming a trendy choice.

If you want to know how proof-of-delivery works and its benefits, keep reading.

What Is Proof-Of-Delivery?

Proof-of-delivery involves using paperwork for deliveries to confirm that something has arrived at its destination. This allows the sender to ensure their package arrives on time and with the right recipient.

Types of POD

Traditional POD involves the recipient signing a paper document when handed the delivery. This document is then sent back to the original sender so that they have confirmation of delivery. This method is still used, but digital techniques have resulted in one of the best changes with POD we’ve seen.

Electronic POD uses a tracking number that allows the sender to see where the package is at any time. The location is generally updated every time the package reaches a specific point in its journey, from being sent out to delivery.

The recipient will sign for the package on a touchscreen device or electronic tracking pad, and the sender can immediately see this update. Sometimes a text, email, or picture of the signature is also sent back to the sender. Some services even have their couriers take a picture of the package as it’s delivered for clarification.

Reasons to Use Proof-Of-Delivery

The main reason to use POD is to guarantee something arrives at the right destination. It is a good security measure, as you’ll know if a package has gone missing somewhere and will have a much easier time tracking it down.

It’s typically more expensive than other types of delivery and should be used for anything important. Some organizations send all of their deliveries using POD as a standard to ensure a certain level of security.

POD is often the fastest option because it is a higher quality service. Sometimes it’s even possible to send things out for same-day delivery. Same-day delivery is one of the best delivery system options, as it ensures your recipient will get a package as fast as possible, and you’ll be able to track it the whole way.

Even for less important deliveries, some people may pay extra for POD. Essential documents like visas and passports should always be sent this way, as losing them could be disastrous.

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Is POD Worth It?

Whether or not it’s worth using proof-of-delivery comes down to your needs. It may not be necessary for everything, but if you want to send anything essential and ensure it arrives in the right place, proof-of-delivery is the best way to do this.

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