Last-Mile Delivery Trends for 2022

s we know, last-mile delivery plays a crucial role for businesses when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention. It is believed that 61% of logistics companies have revealed that this part of the delivery chain is usually the most inefficient process ( These inefficiencies could explain the continuous efforts that are being made to improve last-mile delivery.

As we move into 2022, there are some delivery trends to look out for that you can aim to implement into your business.

What is a last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery refers to the movement of goods from a warehouse to the consumer. Last-mile delivery should be a pleasant experience for all stakeholders, dispatchers, and customers involved in the delivery process. To keep on top of ensuring this service is the best it can be, businesses need to be mindful of ever-emerging industry trends.

Smart Tracking of deliveries

Real-time tracking, enhanced visibility, and route optimization are key factors businesses have begun investing in over the last year. Implementing such elements is key to improving delivery and customer satisfaction. In short, we at FlashBox think smart tracking for last-mile delivery will carry over into the new year.

Virtual deliveries

Thanks to the pandemic, face-to-face deliveries have become a thing of the past. Electronic proof of delivery is the new favourite and reliable way to deliver. Now, customers can safely get their parcels without interacting with a delivery provider. Not to mention they keep both parties extra safe during a pandemic.

Use of Drones and Delivery Bots in last-mile delivery

As eCommerce demand peaked this year, companies had to adapt and ensure parcel delivery was completed on time. More retailers have started experimenting with robotic vehicles as delivery modes due to the additional labour shortage in drivers. With the demand still growing, this is a trend sure to explode into the new year.

Increase in Urban Warehouses

While many physical retailers have closed down, eCommerce has flourished over the last year. As a result, these online stores have taken the opportunity to turn the stores into urban warehouses. This allows retailers to have closer and faster access to many potential buyers. In turn, these stores can maintain higher profits.

Use of Big Data in last-mile delivery

Most logistics companies have access to huge volumes of data that they are using to optimize the delivery process. Utilizing data is critical in rerouting, planning, and general delivery improvements. Big Data is sure to be at the forefront of most industries, and specifically the top of last-mile delivery trends for 2022.

Environmental Strategy

Brands across the world are becoming more environmentally conscious every day. This year, we have seen a significant trend of logistics companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions. The most common ways of doing this include investing in electric vehicles and making commitments to giving back to the environment. This should be a top priority for every business as the effects of climate change are becoming more real every day.

What’s next for last-mile delivery trends

While the last-mile delivery industry is ever-changing, advancements in technology have transformed it completely. These are some trends that FlashBox will be looking out for in the new year.

Did we miss any? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable same-day delivery provider in the GTA, use FlashBox. Start for free today.




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FlashBox — One-Stop Urban Delivery Solution

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